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Keeping your house warm when the temperature plummets




Depending on the age, design, size and location of your home it may stay quite warm when the temperature drops or draughts could make it feel like an ice palace. If you’re on the market for sale or let you don’t want to put potential purchasers or tenants off by sending a chill down their spine especially as the temperature has plummeted in recent weeks. So apart from turning the thermostat up what else can you do to stay toasty warm at home without having to spend too much?


Take care of any draughts


Cover up large key holes and check for draughts around the edge of external doors and windows. Inexpensive sticky draught excluder products are available at DIY stores but even a rolled up sheet or towel placed by the door can make a big difference. (Make sure you don’t block the exit though.)


Up your decor


You lose more heat by radiation with your surroundings than you do by convection to the air. This is why the house can feel cold even after you’ve turned up the heating. The air quickly heats up but the walls and floors take far longer so carpets and rugs do a great job of making a house feel warmer. Also consider thicker floor length curtains to keep more heat in. Believe it or not even framed pictures and mirrors can make a difference and bookshelves filled with books are the best of all. Also any extra soft furnishings will help to insulate rooms and also make them feel warmer.


Make the most of daylight


Instinct might make you want to keep the curtains closed all day thinking you’ll keep the heat in but if you do you’ll actually be missing out on the natural heat that sunlight brings. Try to keep curtains open in the day and close them when the sun goes down.


Where possible position furniture nearer to the centre of the room


How warm you feel in a room depends on where you are, even if the air temperature is the same throughout. You will feel warmer if you position yourself closer to the inside of the house because the cold external walls are further away.


Put the fire on


Ok so this isn’t going to save any money but it will make the house look and feel cosier which could be especially helpful when you’re having viewings on the property. Why not a make some hot chocolate too. Sometimes it’s the little things which make the difference.   


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