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Tips on preparing your home for sale

Spring is here and even though you can’t count on the weather, in my experience there is one thing that you can count on – that activity in the property market will increase.

One of the first things to consider once you’ve made the decision to sell is the impression your house will make on somebody who has never seen it before. Kerb appeal may sound like a clichéd term but the way your property looks is very important if you are keen to sell as quickly as possible and for the highest achievable price.

Around 90% of buyers in the uk start their search online. This means the first thing that the majority of potential buyers will see will be the online photos. Usually the main photograph will be external so ensure that the front of your house is neat and tidy and don’t neglect the garden no matter how small it may be. Interested buyers will often drive or walk by before they book a viewing so even if you don’t like the idea of jet-washing slabs or weeding the path remember that these little things can make a big difference to the overall look of the property.

Natural light is one of the major things that people look for in a home so when preparing for photographs to be taken or viewings to be conducted open the curtains wide to let as much light as possible in.  Don’t forget to hide away your shoes, ironing board, vacuum cleaner etc as clutter will not only make the interior seem smaller but will also suggest that you have very little storage space.

Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses so clean your surfaces and tidy away bottles, hair products, toiletries etc. and put out clean dry towels. On the day of your viewing turn the tv or any music off and try to make sure that none of your appliances are running as the sound of a washing machine or tumble dryer can be off-putting. Thoroughly vacuuming carpets and sofas and airing out by opening windows can really freshen a room up. Although most people like animals they can be a distraction and may even make some people feel quite uncomfortable so you may want to make plans to have fido looked after by someone else for an hour during your viewings.

I am sometimes asked here at Hicks Hadley what the advantages are of having an agent to do your viewings.

One of the biggest reasons to use an agent is that many people are too polite to tell the owner of a house what they really think so your estate agent will be able to get the most honest and constructive feedback about your property. They will also be well versed in presenting your property in the best possible light. After all it’s what they do for a living! Most agents will include free market appraisals in their service and some, including Hicks Hadley, will even market your home and do accompanied viewings free of charge.