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When you take on a new rental property you need to prepare it to ensure your ideal prospective tenants feel comfortable, safe and at home. As landlords ourselves, Hicks Hadley understands that renting property is usually a second income stream, and therefore you may be too busy to spend time upgrading or supervising rental home improvements.
The responsibilities of managing property lets are on par with the rewards of being a landlord. The decisions you’ll need to make will directly impact the lives of those living in your rental home or working in your commercial property, and if you are new to the responsibilities, there are two routes you can take; manage the property yourself or use a letting agent.
Whether you’re a first time landlord or well versed in property investment, you should already be aware that 2022 brought with it fluctuating updates in policy and income. These changes have seeped into 2023.
When you commit to renting out your property, there are a lot of things that you need to know. From tax legislation and deposit protection to preparing your property for your new tenants, you need to be prepared for the full spectrum of responsibility that comes with providing another person with a home.
Moving house should be an exciting time in life; a time filled with possibility and promise. Yet it is often considered one of the most stressful processes you are likely to experience. At Hicks Hadley, we don’t think this should be the case.
Hicks Hadley have 30 years experience in marketing properties which provides us with the expertise needed to give honest, transparent and upfront valuation services. That’s why we thought we’d explain exactly what to expect when contacting an estate agent for a property valuation.
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