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Moving house should be an exciting time in life; a time filled with possibility and promise. Yet it is often considered one of the most stressful processes you are likely to experience. At Hicks Hadley, we don’t think this should be the case.
Hicks Hadley have 30 years experience in marketing properties which provides us with the expertise needed to give honest, transparent and upfront valuation services. That’s why we thought we’d explain exactly what to expect when contacting an estate agent for a property valuation.
Whether you’re selling your private property or a lived-in buy-to-let, you’ll want to get the maximum return possible for your investment. Sometimes it can be out of your budget to splash out on the bigger projects like extending the kitchen or converting the loft, but there are still plenty of DIY changes that can make a difference. For affordable, effective DIY projects that...
If you’re looking to sell your property then you may have come across the phrase ‘staging your house for sale’. This simply means arranging your house in a way that is guaranteed to impress viewers. You need to set the scene for prospective buyers by keeping it clean, comfortable and homely. This will ensure that you sell your property quickly, with minimal hassle and for...
When you’ve invested in a property, whether it’s your private home or a buy-to-let, you’ll want to get the maximum return possible when you make the decision to sell it. If you’ve had a valuation on a West Midlands house that didn’t meet your expectations, Hicks Hadley can help. As seasoned estate agents with over 30 years’ experience, we know how to...
As a tenant, you have certain rights that legally protect you while you occupy a rental property. These cover protection from unlawful eviction, the safety and security of your home and privacy, to name but a few. Whether you’re a tenant wanting to understand your rights or a first-time landlord seeking additional guidance on the rights of your occupants, Hicks Hadley is here to help.
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