Hicks Hadley

Yvonne Hicks Partner

Yvonne Hicks, Partner
Yvonne started Hicks Hadley along with David in 1990 bringing years of experience as a Business Lecturer. This, along with hands-on experience of letting apartments in Birmingham and holiday lets, made the Lettings Department at Hicks Hadley an ideal environment for her skills. "I am proud of what we have achieved here – our lettings business has evolved to such a degree that you would hardly recognise it now from what it was 20 years ago. Technology has played a big part in its development but the most important aspect has been our fantastic team of staff – all local people. I love sport and tennis is my favourite – doubles tennis especially as there is nothing I enjoy more than working in a team …and winning of course!" When she isn’t winning on the tennis court Yvonne loves going on energetic walks with Coco her Jack Russell terrier and Coco’s new sister Cindy the Chihuahua
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